Alice in Wonderland at Larnach Castle

As a family our love of Alice in Wonderland reached new heights after a visit to Larnach Castle in Dundedin, New Zealand in 2010.  We had so much fun following the book “Alice’s Adventures at the Castle” and searching for the hidden Alice treasures.

A sculpture of Alice in true Victorian fashion, complete with golden hair.

A “Curious Door” in a tree trunk.

Queen of Hearts Throne.

Knave of Hearts statue, in the castle gardens since the 1930′s.

The Cheshire Cat, an Oamaru stone carving which grins cheekily down
from a fine vantage point.

If you are ever in New Zealand be sure to add Larnach Castle to your to do list. This is a great family adventure. Lunch in the ballroom soaking up the history is a must.

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