Our Story

Children’s parties should be a magical mix of wishes and dreams. They should be events that children look forward to for days and then talk excitedly about for weeks afterwards.

When I look back on my childhood my most vivid and special memories all centre on parties and celebrations.  I remember the excitement of the games we played.  I remember seeing an ice-cream cake for the first time and being astonished that it hadn’t melted.  Above all I remember the decorations which turned an ordinary room into a magical world where anything could happen.  I’m sure you remember what it felt like to walk through that doorway into a party land.

I’m Leisa and those are the sort of lasting memories I wanted to create for my three children.

I began to create themes for their parties and gradually built up a collection of props which would transform any space into a party room.  Our parties got bigger and better each year until one day another parent asked me to create the party space for her child’s birthday party.  Party Prop Hire was born that day.

It has become a true family business.  My children love it and help out with ideas and concepts for every theme.  My supportive, patient, enthusiastic, artistic husband Andrew now makes props by hand because they are not available locally for an affordable price.

There is no better reward than seeing joy in the little faces as they see Alice in Wonderland for the first time, or as they enter the hall at Hogwarts.  Their eyes shine in anticipation and huge smiles spread across their faces.

Material possessions are nothing.  Memories and relationships are the things that last.  In a little while your child will forget what he or she was given as a gift but we make sure that the party is never forgotten.

We specialise in the creation of memories.

Now, after spending years sourcing and collecting props from all over the world for our themed parties, I am thrilled to be able to share them with you.  I am excited that we can give you the opportunity to create parties for your children which will be talked about for years to come.  We make your party or event theming as easy as 1-2-3.

Of course, our props don’t have to be used just for children’s parties.  They are for anyone who wants to experience a touch of magic for their special day.  Use them for Sweet 16’s, engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings.  Use them whenever you want to create a fun and memorable day.

Everyone should have a magical, party filled childhood and the chance to party like a child when they want to.  We make your party wishes and dreams come true.