Harry Potter

Welcome aboard the Hogwarts Express, to a world of wizards, witches and magical beasts. Here at Hogwarts students take classes in Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, Herbology, feast in the Great Hall, play a game of Quidditch and finish with a shopping trip to Honeydukes.



Item Item Photo Product Info Hire Price *
WELCOME TO HOGWARTS SIGN  Harry Potter Themed Props W 85cm x
H 148.5cm
QUIDDITCH GOAL POSTS   Tallest Quidditch Goal Post W 52cm x H 246cm (set of 6 posts) $80 set
QUIDDITCH FIREBOLT BROOMSTICKS  Harry Potter Themed Props 6 x Firebolts.
W 12cm x
H 120cm
$25 set
W 12cm x
H 120cm
$25 set
Kit includes 1 x Quaffle, 3 x Bludgers, 1 x Snitch $35
PRIVET DRIVE STREET SIGN   Sensored Owl Hoots & Eyes light up. 2 x AA batteries. Batteries not supplied.
W 70cm x
H 210cm
SUITCASE STACK Harry Potter Themed Props Stack of 4 suitcases, chest, 2 owls in cages (one owl motioned sensored light & sound).
W 90cm x
H 113cm
$70 set

Shop with bottles and gum ball machine.
W 110cm x
H 150cm

HERBOLOGY SIGN Harry Potter Themed Props W 40cm X
H 158cm
DIVINATION PLASMA BALL  Harry Potter Themed Props Touch Sensitive.  Responds to sound & touch.
W 20cm x
H 30cm
POTIONS SIGN Harry Potter Themed Party  W 45cm x
H 150cm
POTIONS CAULDRONS 24 x Small plastic cauldron 7cm diameter x
H 5cm plus
12 x plates
$6 set
Each bottle
H 27.5cm x
diameter 11cm
$12 set
POTION BOOKS  Harry Potter Themed Props 2 x stacks of books.
W 15cm x
H 15cm
$4 pair
DRAGON CANDELABRA  Harry Potter Themed Props 2 x Candelabra with 5 candles. Decoration only. W 16cm x H 37cm $10 pair
DRAGON SALT & PEPPER  Harry Potter Themed Props W 13cm x
H 21cm
DRAGON CANDLE HOLDER  Harry Potter Themed Props 2 x Dragon Candle Holders.
W 10cm x
H 15.5cm.  Holds battery operated tea lights (not supplied)
$4 pair
OWL  Harry Potter Props for Hire Owl
W 20cm x
H 42cm
2 available
$3 ea
MOTION SENSOR OWL  Harry Potter Props for Hire Owl
W 15cm x
H 28cm. Flashing yellow eyes and loud hooting sound. (Batteries not included).
2 available
$5 ea
URN  Harry Potter Themed Props W 23cm x
H 45cm
SILVER LANTERNS  Harry Potter Themed Props Silver Lanterns.
W 11cm x
H 37cm. Fits battery operated tea lights (not supplied)
2 available
$4 ea
FLICKERING BLACK CANDLE LANTERNS  Harry Potter Props for Hire Flickering Candle Lanterns.
3 x AAA Batteries.  (Batteries not included).
W 14.5cm x
H 31cm
6 Available
$5 ea
MRS NORRIS  Harry Potter Themed Props W 41cm x
H 21cm
SILVER PLATES  Harry Potter Props for Hire  12 x 24cm diameter dinner plates $12 set
GOBLETS  Harry Potter Props for Hire 12 x Assorted Goblets $12 set
HOGWARTS SEAL  Harry Potter Themed Props Hogwarts Wax Seal.  (Wax not supplied). $5
HARRY POTTER QUIZ BOOK Harry Potter Themed Props Paperback. How well do you know Harry Potter? $3
Trevor, Hagrid’s Keys, Extendable Ear, Tom Riddle’s Diary, Cauldron, Baby Basilisk, Golden Snitch, Pumpkin Juice Pumpkin & Mad Eye Moody’s Eye Patch $18
BI FOLD TABLE  Harry Potter Props for Hire

Height Adjustable.
W 61cm x
H 56cm – 91.5cm x
L 122cm

TRESTLE TABLE  Harry Potter Props for Hire

W 76cm x
H 74cm x
L 183cm

BLACK TABLE COVERING  Harry Potter Props for Hire Fits standard trestle table $11

* Prices quoted are based on a 24 hour period, please see delivery page for our minimum prop hire fees.